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Finally, after so many hiccups and delays, Anurag Basu’s Jagga Jasoos released today. The much-hyped movie starring ex-couple Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif is a different kind of film. It is an urban film having a musical conversation in the movie.  It is a comedy, adventurous and musical film which is first of its kind in Bollywood. The performances, especially by Ranbir Kapoor, are praiseworthy. You can get Jagga Jasoos movie download in DVDRip print from here.


Download Jagga Jasoos Full Movie

Ranbir Kapoor has been living his life in child day care home waiting for his father to take him back. He even misses hope of him coming back ever but the young detective in him blooms and he goes in search of his missing father. He has several people around him stating his father is dead but he does not believe them. Then starts his search which is joined by Journalists Shruti. The movie has logic behind being musical as Jagga stammers and so he sings for better conversation.

While his search, he gets to know about his father being in Africa and there on he goes to Africa where Shruti and Jagga do street dancing to earn money. Jagga Jasoos HD movie version can be downloaded from here. You can view mesmerizing African beauty along with a loop of animals with whom they have picturised many sequences.


Jagga Jasoos Full HD Movie

It is Ranbir Kapoor all the way in the movie. He is the soul and has proved his mettle again. Be it his acting, dancing or any other thing, he shines in each and every frame. Katrina Kaif has fully supported him and we can see Katrina performing some dangerous action and adventurous things.  The movie helmed by director Anurag Basu is a creative and visual imagination. Get your Jagga Jasoos full movie download in HD print from here. It is him whose image we see on the big screen.  There are almost 20 songs in the movie and each of them is composed and filmed differently.

Although we feel screenplay could have been better and during the interval, the only film takes a firm grip.

Jagga Jasoos HD download

Jagga Jasoos HD download

Jagga Jasoos HD movie download

The first ever-musical film is kind of an experiment which seems to be successful. Ranbir looks dazed, confused in almost every scene of the 1st half and then he kind of gets his tuning in the 2nd half. Every dialogue is a song in the film as Jagga converse with songs. It is a fresh film and if you do not like the genre you would not like the film. But to get a fresh unique concept mixed with stunning visuals and amazing performances, Jagga Jasoos wins all the way.

Now Katrina Kaif will appear in Tiger Zinda Hai movie. It is very important for her to make that film a big hit. The star power of Salman Khan will definitely help her to get good projects in the future.

Review: – 3.5/5


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